Chimney Services

Roofing 4 You Ltd are specialists in chimney repairs, removal and replacement in Mid Sussex, including Crawley, Burgess Hill and Horsham. Chimneys are prone to wear and tear as they are exposed to the weather at all times, so can suffer considerably, needing more regular repair and restoration than the rest of the roof. We are able to repair chimneys by rebuilding or retiling them, and can offer lead flashings to add extra waterproofing.

If you decide that your chimney is more trouble than it's worth, we are able to replace it for you in favour of something more in keeping with your vision of your roof. If you would rather the chimney was completely removed, we offer that service and can provide tiling, slating or Horsham Stone roofing in its place. If this is the case, it may be worth having your whole roof replaced to ensure a consistent appearance across the page.

Roofing 4 You are committed to the customer, so whenever you need your chimney repaired or replaced, contact us and we will give you a free quotation.