Slate Roofing

Roofing 4 You Ltd offer slate roofing as well as tiled roofing and stone roofing. Our slate roofing services are available throughout Mid Sussex, including Burgess Hill, Hassocks and Hurstpierpoint. We use highly sought after Welsh slate for our roofs, giving a top quality finish and a professional appearance.

Slates are cut in the quarry by striking parallel to the foliage, known as 'slaty cleavage', which splits it cleanly to create flat slates suitable for use in roofing. These slates can then be laid similarly to tiles, but have a more rustic look and can be more popular on rural properties.

There are many slate sizes, so while planning the project we will discuss with you what particular size you wish to use. If slate is not for you, we offer tiles and Horsham Stone, as well as lead roofing solutions. Roofing 4 You roofers are experienced professionals and will provide a high quality finish on your roof, ensuring it is waterproof, well installed and attractive.